Ideas Board - a Green & Healthy Future for Frome

Ideas Board - a Green & Healthy Future for Frome

Do you have an idea for a project that would be good for both health and the planet? Share your ideas on this board. We will invite local people to get involved with developing popular ideas further by email (if you share it alongside posting your idea). More info


Environment Competition - Engaging with local businesses

What role will the car take in our future lives

Bikes on buses

Reclaim Our Streets

Free/ Low cost School Bus for local Villages

Rickshaw taxis for Frome

Health Campaign about cocaine

Broadway Community Garden

Collect oil, create soaps

Monthly bike repair drop in

Photo voltaic cells above car parks

Town-wide carboot sale

Map "barren" areas and plant more trees

Turn empty shops into markets and eateries

Street salad

An Online Bike Jumble Notice Board

Goat Milking Co-op

Mend swaps

Veggie loyalty cards

School Walking Bus

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