Ive noticed that not only do cars congest thé market place, but they accelerate away from the market place up through north parade (even though it’s a 20mph zone that’s quite obviously ignored!).. it means that there’s a constant stream of exhaust fumes back down the hill, you can literally feel it in your nose and throat. My kids notice massively.... Could you pedestrianise the main market place so cars don’t use frome centre as a through way? On market days this seems to work fine!


Thanks so much for sharing this idea. We''ll be creating spaces for folks to talk more about how we might be able to achieve something by working together to develop it. Watch this space for upcoming events that draw people together to discuss and brainstorm further : In the meantime, have you been feeding into discussions related to the LCWIP? Reach out to Emma Parker at the Frome Town Council to feed in more if you haven't already :-)

If you were to look at alternative ways for cars to move round frome, rather than straight through it, ruining the middle, there do seem to be lots of alternative options - i think the car parks could still be used - which would mean a pedestrianised area in the heart of the market place could work and make an enormous difference to the feel of the market place/high street, and our children’s health

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