Lorry watch

Lorry watch

Stop heavy lorries and tractors from using Frome as a through route. Weight limits apply throughout the town, so let’s apply them and make Frome healthier, safer and more pleasant place to walk and live. Community lorry watch could build a picture of regular law breaking, report to the police, make hauliers and large supermarkets aware of their impact on the community. Quarry lorries, huge tractors and trailers, massive trucks way over the weight limit, let’s get rid of them!


Thanks so much for sharing this idea and the comments on it! We''ll be creating spaces for folks to talk more about how we might be able to achieve something by working together to develop it. Watch this space for upcoming events that draw people together to discuss and brainstorm further : https://www.facebook.com/FutureShedFrome

I've noticed that people have been using Twitter in relation to the Cleveland Bridge in Bath as a way to flag to companies to ask why their lorries are travelling through the city. Maybe something we could try?

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