Garden Share

Garden Share

A platform to put together people who want allotment space, and people with gardens that are too large for them to manage. Inter generational. Increased food sustainability.


Thanks so much for sharing this idea and all the comments on it! We''ll be creating spaces for folks to talk more about how we might be able to achieve something by working together to develop it and we'd love to speak to with you as we set this up. Will reach out! In the meantime, watch this space for upcoming events that draw people together to discuss and brainstorm further :

Inter generational. Increased food sustainability.

There’s a long list of people waiting for allotments in Frome

As people get older, they might not be able to manage their gardens anymore. Rather than having to move, or pay to have a gardener, this will enable them to have their garden maintained and be able to continue to enjoy it.

Lovely idea! Neighbourhood groups can help link in neighbours who might not be online too.

Nice idea and I found this platform that facilitates Garden Shares. Maybe something we could promote in Frome to bring this on the way?

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