Frome Care Farm

Frome Care Farm

Can we create a Care Farm for Frome and the Mendips - a place that enables people with specific needs to get together growing food and caring for animals, whilst receiving specialist care & health services? Here is a good video about the Care Farm movement - Maybe we could start with a weekly session for people recovering from addictions, and one focused around mental health? Who is interested to join a conversation about this? Who is already working on this?


Care Farms have clear health benefits for people using them - and they can help increase bio-diversity and produce local food - both of which can reduce carbon and benefit the climate. So a clear climate & health win-win?

This could be done at Broadway Community Gardens!

Frome Field to Fork are already doing something similar: They also have a weekly event that is good to check out - Growing Food & Friendships:

Locally, there is a good working model here ..... how about asking someone from the Wild Roots Field Project to contribute to the debate?

We have been running Growing for Well Being sessions (Wild Roots) since 2016, initially for young adults, some with additional needs. We generate some income through adult social care payments and we've just got an Open Mental Health grant too. It's worth having a couple of paid people to run things properly. We then supplement with volunteers and participants attending . People are welcome to visit. We are just outside Baltonsborough .

Hi... We are have just set up a new Community Interest Company Frome Field 2 Fork as mentioned (thanks edventure). We are a centre for local ecologically grown food production and therapeutic horticulture. Tomorrow 27/4 we start a regular Tuesday session called Growing Food and Friendships and we will also have Sunday sessions every couple of weeks or so. Please check out our Facebook Page for more details

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