Broadway Community Garden

Broadway Community Garden

Mendip currently owns that last undeveloped green space in Frome. A local residents group is keen to develop the site in partnership with Frome Town Council to provide a shared Community Allotment and Wildlife site, but needs more support to protect this valuable green space for everyone to enjoy and use in a productive and eco-friendly environment


Thanks so much for all your points and comments on here! We're glad to hear your ideas and love of this important green space!

Frome already has enough land which has been dedicated for housing. We don't need more houses. Spaces like these are invaluable to the community and can be used to teach children and young people about nature, grow crops for Frome, provide a green space to support mental health and wellbeing groups, a sanctuary for wildlife, the list goes on! To build on this last remaining green lung in town would be a total crime.

My daughter absolutely loves walking through here and is the highlight of her day. She calls it 'the bear hunt' and she loves spotting the wildlife. She is only 5 years old and she would be devastated if this area that gives her such pleasure is taken away.

A highly beneficial space for a range of generations of families to get together and educate eachother about the natural world and support kids with experiencing how the world grows around us. Love how close it is to us and other families who I know would make the most of it!

The area is a valuable asset for all the community to use and enjoy, not just for this generation, but for future generations. To lose this space would be devastating.

This site is a 5min walking distance from 3 schools and has great potential to be a space where children can learn to grow their own food and have a more wild space to explore than a park. This can be a resource for the local neighbourhood and beyond at a time when the importance of having beautiful outdoor spaces to improve mental health has become all too apparent.

This is such a valuable green space enjoyed by all ages set within Frome. It is an environment where children can learn about the outdoors, explore and play in nature. It is wonderful for parents and older people to escape to and enjoy the serenity it provides. This space encourages community spirit and engagement across ages whilst outside in nature; Something that has proven invaluable during these challenging times. It would incredibly sad to lose it and the interactions it promotes.

This is such an amazing space for the community and wildlife. It is a green lung and Community groups such as the dementia group, and local schools would love to use the space however Mendip are not currently allowing it as they are investigating it for housing. To build on this land would be a travesty to all the wildlife who live there- the badgers, birds, slow worms and the neighbourhood. Let’s create a space that can be used for biodiversity alongside humans, the potential is enormous.

A beautiful space with huge potential, to build on it would be such a waste. We need to protect the biodiversity and save this for the community. There is so much building going on, in and around Frome. The space has alot more to offer than just becoming building site. Please allow this space to be another "Wild about Frome" area!

A beautiful hidden green oasis, rich in wildlife, that needs to be protected while being used for the benefit of the local community. Children from local schools could access this area to learn about biodiversity, environmental protection and working with nature to produce food. It is a valuable area which could support the mental and physical health of local residents.

A great opportunity for local residence to be able to use this space to help educate the young to appreciate what nature can provide

Myself and my kids love this green space it has so much to offer. There is so much to be gained from it for the residents of Frome. The animals that reside there have the right to stay, they should be protected.

When you sit in this space it is a pure oasis. All the different bird calls, the stillness for the mind and all the wildlife that have made it their home. It would be genuinely devastating to build on this plot.

This would be an amazing opportunity to create a space that works for the community as well as working in harmony with nature. Please help us to take this chance to create a beautiful, bountiful edible garden and allotment that is open to all and will last for generations and will serve as a model for all communities.

We should accept that community spaces like Broadway Allotments are vital to communities, this has been made even more obvious since Covid -19 when people also realised how important gardens and green spaces were to mental health. Despite the pressure on Frome to provide social housing I think that this space is far too valuable as a green lung and community resource to be built on.

This area is such a wonderful space. So fantastic to take the kids and show them the mini beasts and ecosystems. Extremely valuable to have a place of calm to go to and enjoy nature and relax especially after a long day. To lose a place of such beauty and serenity would be a real shame.

The space is a beautiful sanctuary for wildlife and the local community. It offers something quite different to a park. It is a place to grow food, to learn, to teach, to play, a meeting place, and a place to immerse yourself in nature. This type of space is unique in its ability to bring generations together to grow and enjoy its produce. It is vital for the community’s mental health and well-being.

This small green area is all that remains of the numerous allotment gardens and nurseries that used to fill much of the space enclosed by the Broadway & Oakfield Roads. Most recently land behind the old police station, formerly Oakwood Nursery, has been given over to housing, The last remaining open space behind Broadway is full of wildlife forming an invaluable link to the nearby countryside. Imo it's an asset that should be used to provide health & education benefits for all who live in Frome.

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