An Online Bike Jumble Notice Board

An Online Bike Jumble Notice Board

An Online Bike Jumble Notice Board, a bit like Freecycle/Freegle/TrashNothing, specifically for Bike Stuff Offering/Wanted Free/Give/Away/Price. With donations going to Frome Missing Links....


Developing a supportive mechanical community

Whether a seasoned cyclist, a family of four or a young Bradley Wiggins wannabe, we all need and want (or want to get rid of) cycle parts. Anything ranging from a pair of old tyres, a saddle, a spare pump, through to a whole bike ready to go...we've all got these things in the back of our sheds cluttering up space. Let's open up our collective sheds and get these parts moving to get us all moving from A to B on bikes. We've had live jumbles and these are great, but why not have it all year round

On-line is live/peer-to-peer/on-going/and much cheaper than storage space. Previous bike Jumbles have been great - but they do require people to organise pick ups and drop offs of kit....this is both time and resource heavy and that's putting aside the aspect of where stuff gets stored in-between jumbles.

Thanks so much for sharing this idea and all the comments on it! We''ll be creating spaces for folks to talk more about how we might be able to achieve something by working together to develop it. Watch this space for upcoming events that draw people together to discuss and brainstorm further :

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