Eastbourne after COVID-19

Eastbourne after COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic has reached Eastbourne. How can the town best deal with the challenges this crisis poses? How can the Eastbourne ECO Action Network best help in this crisis? What are the lessons we can learn from it? What kind of town does Eastbourne want to be after COVID-19?


Create a major incident volunteer register

Automatic Food Dispenser

Eastbourne Hotels Voucher


Create cooperatives to share assets

Build a Strong New Green Identity for Eastbourne

Celebrate World Car Free Day every year

Money, Money, Money

Mass switch to green energy provider

Lockdown Headsup on Rewilding

Green recovery

Garden farming


Develop a local action plan to deal with major events

Retraining for Digital Skills

A Green 'think & do' space

Sustainable plastic free community

Create open air pop-up restaurants and entertainment spaces

Learn lessons from COVID-19 that will inform climate actions

Public Art Based on Data

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