Mass switch to green energy provider

Mass switch to green energy provider

Switching energy provider is really easy to do - it just needs a sustained marketing campaign from us and partners. Eastbourne would reduce its carbon footprint significantly overnight. The switch could also be a revenue source for other projects - the leading green energy providers pay a small "Refer a friend" fee, and, by arrangement, this could diverted to the CIC. We previously spoke to Bulb who were keen to explore this, and can talk to other companies.


Green energy can be more expensive.

There are acres of roofs on the towns industrial estates. If they were covered in solar panels it would be like a mini power station. It's just an idea.

Instead of becoming a partner with one specific green energy provider, which may lock us out of recommending other providers, we could partner with an energy switching comparison site, earning fees whilst helping to provide independent advice matching the best green energy deals with the needs of each person.

Significant carbon reduction with very little effort

To ensure that the green provider is affordable, it should be done collectively. And can be a way to support a few local providers.

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