A Green 'think & do' space

A Green 'think & do' space

Every train passenger, every passer by needs to be able to enter our 'think & do' area. A space located in Eastbourne Railway station that allows them to discover our green credentials, and for eco action groups to locate pop up events from - cycling/walking routes - local sustainable foods - energy switching - recycling - mending - borrowing tools


Our common endeavour to be a greener, more sustainable town by 2030 needs a shopfront to engage everyone in this quest.

How abou a Fablab within the 'think & do' area? https://www.fablabs.io/

Makerspaces can be a crucial part of the relocalisation of manufacturing. Would certainly help make the Eastbourne economy more diverse and resilient. https://www.makerspaces.com/what-is-a-makerspace/

As so many retail businesses are going bust, Eastbourne's high streets will have a lot of empty shops. Some of them coudl be repurposed as pop-up WorkShops, a model pioneered by Dan Thompson, who sometimes visits the town: https://emptyshops.wordpress.com/projects/

We need lots of affordable, secure, long-term space for new community enterprises to get started and flourish. So we don't just need space in Eastbourne Railway Station but spaces in empty shops in the town centre, and there'll be lots of such spaces once the pandemic decimates many of the big name high street stores. And what communbity enetrprises would be possible in high streets? Here's a list of some that already exist elsewhere: https://medium.com/@rebecca.trevalyan/life-after-coronavirus-

Would commercial landlords ever sacrifice eye-gouging rental extraction to allow innovative community enterprise start-ups?

Somewhere for people to come and find out how they can make their homes and lives more carbon neutral. Would be great to use this space like this for eco homes pop-up events.

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