Eastbourne Digital Support Centre (DigiHub)

Eastbourne Digital Support Centre (DigiHub)

EEAN, TechResort, Artist Digital and other partners put together their expertise and resources to establish a digital hub for providing discounted b2b and community services and supporting businesses, charities and the local economy in the time of recovery.


Allows collaboration for a number of the local CICs, charities and businesses.

Accumulates existing funding and provides ways of using it most efficiently.

The resilience of modern business depends on its digital capability. Look the town now. Those who have an online presence are fulfilling orders that way, and are more likely to survive.

Platform co-operatives could be a good model for some Eastbourne businesses: https://platform.coop/about/vision-and-advantages/

If Tubbs Computer Supplies can help let us know

Easy access to digital services from one place for an affordable price if subsidised by the public and business funding.

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