Public Art Based on Data

Public Art Based on Data

Creating publicly displayed art projects based on the data collected during the lockdown or, broader, on any ECO data to facilitate the shift in public attitude to environmental issues.


We can also use this to post alerts if we include dynamic real time data. This done more effectively in the Pas de Calais where warnings are issued when people need to consider restricting their outdoors activity.

Provides flexibility for different kind of data to be displayed. Ex. air quality, beach safety, CO2 level, population demographics, employment etc. - to visibly present the entire social/environmental situation around the town.

Immediate visibility and easy perception of data.

The live air quality data generated by the Clean Air Eastbourne citizen science project could be linked up to electronically generated dynamic visual images so that local people can see what the local air quality is like in terms of colours and shapes. A project in Brighton in 2017 showed what could be done:

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