Money, Money, Money

Money, Money, Money

Strategic requirement for control of our Town is needed to ensure any plan is funded without too much interference from national or international sources. It is mandatory to introduce a mechanism to raise funds from residents and businesses on an annual basis. Council Tax just does not work. A survey of all residents and businesses needs to be done to gain approval because otherwise we’ll get a cheap downgrade instead of the best. Eastbourne wants to be the best - not cheap.


No idea what you mean by this other than a person to be prime. ALL....


Council Tax is indeed not an effective way of raising income, as it's regressive and therefore unfair. Also, council tax rates are based on the rateable value of properties and the revaluation of local properties is so long overdue that the rateable values have become meaningless. The Council Tax should be replaced by a Local Income Tax, or a Land Value Tax, or both, as they would be more efficient, and fairer, ways of raising income for Eastbourne's recovery plans.

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