Learn lessons from COVID-19 that will inform climate actions

Learn lessons from COVID-19 that will inform climate actions

The many rapid changes & interventions that are occurring to deal with the coronavirus emergency may contain important lessons for us in designing the climate actions that are necessary to quickly achieve a zero-carbon society in order to prevent a catastrophic climate breakdown. Collating, analysing and sharing these lessons now while the pandemic still rages may help ensure these lessons are not lost or forgotten. (Photo by Edwin Hooper on Unsplash)


The Rapid Transition Alliance has a good article about the kind of lessons that the coronavirus pandemic is beginning to throw up for those concerned about the climate emergency: https://www.rapidtransition.org/stories/pandemic-lessons-for-the-climate-emergency/

Here's a blog with some ideas on how local councils can design their post-corona recovery plans to 'Build Back Better' https://seclimatealliance.uk/building-back-better/

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