Eastbourne Hotels Voucher

Eastbourne Hotels Voucher

Hotel bedrooms are a perishable product. They are empty right now. Eastbourne Hotels could create a discounted voucher for sale which can be redeemed anytime in the next 5 years at any participating hotel. A further discount could be provided for NHS & keyworkers. This will bring in income in the near term, which is the most challenging period.


We could copy London's Pay It Forward platform: https://payitforward.london.gov.uk/

This could bring in needed revenue now, and be a big PR win for the town.

Hotel vouchers could be offered on the new Eastbourne Time Bank platform here: https://tol2.timebanking.org/eastbourne. The vouchers could be offered at a discount in return for time credits earned by time bank members. The hotels could then spend those time credits on goods and services offered by other time bank members, be they individuals or businesses. That can help hotels to save some of their cash flow.

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