Foreign Policy: End Imperialism & End Colonialism

Foreign Policy: End Imperialism & End Colonialism

We need a foreign policy based on diplomacy, international law, and human rights. We can not be the worlds police force. We should not be the worlds arms dealer. End the wars and drone strikes. Drastically cut military spending. Close the 700+ foreign military bases. End the war on terror.


No More Unilateral Sanctions

$100 Billion on Poverty Eradication Worldwide

Demilitarize Space - No Weapons in Space

Demilitarize the USA - Demilitarize the Planet

International Socialism will End Nationalism & Scarcity

End NATO, Close Military Bases Abroad & End Empire

Respect the United Nations Stop Spying & Manipulating the UN

End Biological Warfare Testing Programs

Switch Military Priorities to Service, Science & Technology

International Cooperation to Prepare for Worldwide Threats

No More Regime Change Operations

End the War on Terror

We Must Lead on Universal Nuclear Disarmament

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