End NATO, Close Military Bases Abroad & End Empire

End NATO, Close Military Bases Abroad & End Empire

The United State's is an imperialist empire that forces capitalism on countries all over the world by threatening them with military destruction or espionage based regime change if they don't comply. NATO and other international alliances backed by US empire are illegitimate based on the notion that they're backed by US empire and threat of war. This forces other global superpowers to waste billions on their own international military efforts. The military empire should be dismantled.


NATO chose not to even end the Cold War in a peaceful way back in the 1950s, instead they wanted it to end so that millions of excess deaths and the impoverishment of tens of millions the undemocratic collapse of the Soviet Union led to, followed, just to exploit their resources and people.

For further information: https://nationalinterest.org/blog/the-buzz/fact-russia-pitched-the-idea-joining-nato-1954-18737 https://soundcloud.com/media-roots/surveillance-valley-the-secret-military-history-of-the-internet-interview-w-yasha-levine

NATO wanted an excuse to invade nations and promote their Western concept of white supremacy all over, including in NATO's former Cold War ally Yugoslavia in the late 1990s. NATO’s time was supposed to be up once the Soviet Union collapsed, but it keeps going because the war machine needs to keep running until it fully breaks down.

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