End the War on Terror

End the War on Terror

The Ian Schlakman campaign calls for the unequivocal end to the War on Terror. The premise of the War on Terror is fraudulent and most often paired with regime change operations that inevitably prop up dictators and fascists worldwide. The USA must respect the autonomy & sovereign rights of all nations. If a despot or abusive leader comes to power the USA must appeal to the UN and the larger international community to jointly intervene. We must never unilaterally intervene again.


NATO member Turkey bought oil from ISIS, the deliveries which were caught on video. Turkey and Saudi Arabia continue to blatantly support other al-Qaeda offshoots, largely based in the Syrian province of Idlib. Yet rather than address the international crisis and hypocrisy within NATO warhawks would rather we perpetually fight their never ending war on terrorism.

One example, the US involvement in the Afghan Civil War (the origins of, partly depicted in the Julia Roberts and Tom Hanks movie, Charlie Wilson’s War). The US arming the mujahideen, including, famously, Osama Bin Laden, led to the creation of al-Qaeda before the Soviets left, and the Taliban, who ended up undoing Afghanistan’s progress with women's rights, land reform, religious freedom, expansion of literacy, and other social and economic developments before the US got involved.

The premise of the War on Terror is fraudulent and often paired with regime change wars ( https://foreignpolicy.com/2019/02/09/hezbollah-is-in-venezuela-to-stay/ since the US, Israel, and Saudi Arabia falsely call Hezbollah a terrorist organization), and it is important to note that the US armed and trained most of these terror groups or their predecessors that the media and politicians love to fearmonger about.

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