Domestic Policy: Human Rights Based Economy & Govt

Domestic Policy: Human Rights Based Economy & Govt

Government has enormous power to define and control the economy. We must urgently switch from a capitalist economy to a socialist economy that is centered around the fundamental Human Rights of all people. We must take responsibility and make sure everyone has what they need to survive and thrive.


Move Towards a Goal-Oriented Society - Make Govt Accountable

Universal Basic Income Guarantee of at least $1000 per month

Data Bill of Rights

Use Highest Majority Not Plurality for Ranked Choice Ballots

Sin Fronteras

stop food subsidy for non-regenerative non-organic foods

Planned obsolescence and recyclable mandates

Right to Repair

Transitioning to a Comprehensive Green Transit System

Crowdsource Guest Submission: Basic Income

Help Poor Families instead of Criminalizing Poor Families

Ending the War on Drugs with Restorative Justice

We must Decriminalize Journalism & Whistleblowing

PEG Prices - Set Affordable Prices on Necessities

Abolish ICE: Day One of the Schlakman Administration

Support Open Borders - Tear Down the Walls!

We Need Prison Abolition: Abolish Private & Public Prisons

Remove Industries that Provide Necessities Out of Capitalism

Outlaw Profit - If it's Something we Rely on to Survive

Innovation as a Human Right

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