Santa’s Grotto

Santa’s Grotto

Active and In Touch want to run a magical Santa’s Grotto at Boyle Cross at an affordable cost for the families of Frome in the lead up to Christmas. Elves will welcome 600 children in timed slots, with 100 places free for those on low incomes. Children will also receive an age-appropriate gift from Frome businesses. The event will encourage less travel, shopping locally and supporting local businesses. Money raised will assist the charity in their work support lonely and isolated people.



This is a great idea as children will love the magical experience-it was very popular the last time Purple Elephant did it at the Boyles Cross. The 100 free places is great idea for families that can't afford to do this normally as it's so expensive to go outside Frome. And funds go to fab charity to benefit the wider community.

A great intergenerational event bringing the whole community together and raising the profile of lonely and isolated adults at a critical time after a year when of all of us have experienced similar feelings ourselves

is not good for the town in the long run and what do people do if they do not have kids a event like the skateboarding event is something inclusive for all ages and abilities.

Money raised from this will go to Active and In Touch helping lonely and isolated people in the community via befriending scheme, community transport and ShopForMe scheme, so will benefit all people in our community, not just families with young children.

Great idea to help people in the low income budget, something for their children to enjoy at a very expensive time of the year. Love it!

Santa’s Grotto

Great idea.

Good Idea

Fantastic idea as raises money for a great charity, but is also giving back to the local community, for people who are struggling with their budget. Good luck all causes! Great effort.

Great idea - will really enrich the community

👍 I'm sure the children will love it; and an excellent fund-raiser for A&IT.

This is a great way of raising funds for lonely and isolated people by getting support from families out celebrating Christmas! So many people will spend Christmas alone, the Polar opposite of a family group with excited children and a house-full of family. Even people without young children of their own may be grandparents, of auties/uncles; local Playgroups / Nurseries could arrange a trip for their charges. I think there are many ways to get involved with this!

Christmas is a time when the whole community come together in an intentional way and this project, located in the heart of the town, will bring potential benefits to every generation and make a contribution to the sense of well-being and festive atmosphere.

Great seasonal fundraising idea by a well-respected local charity, which will bring Christmas fun to children and adults alike. Money raised will help A&IT continue their wonderful work in our wonderful community.

terrible idea what does this bring to the town if you dont have children my vote is for the skate-park fundraiser

interesting idea but not sure of the befits to the town

not a fan what does it bring to the town every town across england has a santas grotto so its nothing special but something like the skatepark event brings money and people in to the town this is a special good because business need to get a boost after being crippled bye lock down

😊 Great idea and something for the children missed this the past few years so be great to see it at the new looking Boyles cross

Bit niche, what happens if we don't have kids? Also, not sure about long-term benefits for the community.

lovely idea

What a 'win win' proposal from Active and in Touch. A beautiful sounding Santa's Grotto in the middle of the town supporting the families of Frome especially those on a lower income and also local businesses. Then the added extra that the money raised goes to Active and in Touch who have been supporting the lonely and isolated in our community so successfully for 10 years. It's not just a proposal for those with children, (we don't), but a proposal that helps the community as a whole.

not what children actually like my girls would much rather go to the skate park event

Sounds like a great idea - it will raise money for charity as well as providing a free outing for those on low incomes who might otherwise miss out on seeing Father Christmas.

👍 Great idea. And as Mr Rawlins said “it’s not a competition “. Anything that benefits anyone at a disadvantage is wonderful.

This is a amazing idea what frome need and the children need that they miss Christmas last year and will bring people to frome support businesses and the money to help lonely people.I am a volunteer for two years and they do amazing work please support this event

What a lovely idea and it will defiantly light up some little faces with a cheerful smile at a time that isn't a happy one for everyone.

All money raised will go to lonely and isolated people! I think it’s brilliant ☺️ Active and in touch are a great charity! This will bring loads of people into the town centre, perfect for independent shops and cafes etc.


This is a really good idea for less well off families and great that monies raised will support lonely and isolated people - seems to me this will be helping two groups of people in the town 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

I'm sure we could all selfishly find merit in each of these proposals but, for me, knowing of the selfless charitable work of support and kindness undertaken locally by Active and In Touch, there is only one contender........ Vote for the Santa's Grotto, the only option GUARANTEED to help those within Frome's community whose voices go mostly unheard.

Very good idea. It helps them that give and them that recieves😇

Let’s give something to the children, they have really suffered during COVID-19 and this would be just fantastic for them. Also many families continue to feel the financial affects of the lockdown and many will not be getting much for Christmas. This will put a smile on their faces.

Such a great way for the whole of the community of Frome can make a difference for those isolated and lonely people of the community. Great idea😀

Raising funds for Active & in touch is great. Although my children are too old for a grotto.

Really good idea. A treat for people on low incomes and much needed in these dreary time

Whats not to like? Love it and proceeds go to a great cause

Fantastic idea

Great charity they helped me with my parents, i will never forget their kindness. Reaching out to people on low incomes is a great idea. Christmas can be so expensive and all children can get some happiness through this scheme

Consumerist one off.. Not what actually makes children happy

terrible idea what happens if you dont have children not good for the hole community

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