It's a Knockout

It's a Knockout

Rotary in Frome are proposing a fun family it's a knockout day with up to 15 teams, of 10 people, from local businesses, community organisations, sports clubs and charities competing for a trophy. The event will be free, inclusive and open to the whole community. They will provide other family attractions and entertainment during the day and will invite community organisations, sports clubs and charities to set up stalls to promote their activities and, if they wish, raise money.



It’s a knock out will raise more fund for the community and creat an event which gives charities and groups an opportunity to promote themselves too.

Excellent idea, promoting activity and engagement for the people of Frome. It will provide an opportunity for local businesses, clubs and individuals to take part and/or support. It will enable local vendors, schools, organisations, clubs and charities to run stalls to help create an event for all and possibly initiate a Frome annual event, raising funds each year for local deserving causes

What a good idea to get the people of Frome together and benefit the community as well!

Great idea. A fun activity which is inclusive of all ages. It will raise funds that will benefit many charities and individuals and bring the community together - much needed!

Terrible idea, I still have nightmares of It's a Royal Knockout. Think there might be some engagement issues with this one, plus sounds like they're too reliant on as yet uncommitted organisations; far too vague.

Great idea for a fun family event bringing everyone together and good publicity and fundraising for local charities.

Brilliant idea will generate some fun for Frome. Just what we all need

Great idea. Fun to watch and for those taking part. Opportunity for local groups to have a presence by way of a stall.

Fun idea that will benefit many local organisations!

It’s a Knockout That’s the one I’m supporting

A real fun activity for all age groups from junior to active senior. Non active seniors will also enjoy watching those that can - do. Plenty of other things to do on the day and the outcome will be funds raised for Rotary all go to local deserving causes.

This is a great idea as it's a real fun event , especially after the recent times. It's free, inclusive to all and Rotary have a track record of good management of events and working with local charities to help them.

Brilliant idea great fun for those competing and wonderful to watch can’t wait

not a fan what does it bring to the town every town across england hassomething simmilar so its nothing special but something like the skatepark event brings money and people in to the town this is a special good because business need to get a boost after being crippled bye lock down

not a fan of this idea

This is my favourite idea - it allows people from a wider variety of backgrounds to participate and it is fun to do and watch!

A brilliant idea Good for the town.Look forward to it

bad idea still have flashbacks to its a royal knockout

just a bad idea in general especialy because of covid

This is an opportunity, for the town of Frome to come together and re-invent an all new, all inclusive and accessible Its a Knockout. Proving that people of the community can come together and influence a change on how an Its a Knockout event can be up dated, all inclusive and accessible for all. Happy Times 😀

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