Agriculture & Fisheries

Agriculture & Fisheries

Forza Nazzjonali believes in the importance of the local agricultural and fisheries sector as a valuable and sustainable industry which is an integral part of our country's economy.


Study the problems associated with animal feed prices

Minister for Fisheries and Agriculture

Assist farmers and fishermen to diversify

Just system for the classification of farmers and fishermen

Helpline for farmers and fishermen

Improve Fish Market

Remove family succession tax on farms and agricultural land

Study use of Solar Energy for agricultural purposes

Carry out Fishermen census

Transparency in the agricultural product chain

Introduce agro-tourism schemes

Consultancy to farmers and fishermen

Improve Hardstanding Facility

Facilitate transfer of agricultural land

Prepare Agricultural Waste Policy

Exempt PA application payments for agricultural structures

Subsidise rent on farms and agricultural land

National Labelling Campaign

Breakwater in Qrejten Point and Delimara

Modernise fish quotas

Maintain slipways

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