Community Volunteering Opprtunities

Community Volunteering Opprtunities

Community volunteering opportunities. Municipalities participating in the project will create at least two positions each year for youth to work in the municipality alongside departmental staff on the subgrants program or other youth activities. It is anticipated that these positions will include a youth accountant, youth engineer, and either a youth environmentalist or youth social worker, based on municipal need. Community volunteers will act as a bridge between municipal staff and the youth-led community subprojects and other youth initiatives. Their work program will be as follows: (i) supporting the municipality in organizing subgrants calls for proposals; (ii) strengthening subproject performance on accounting, sustainable engineering practice, environmental protection and social inclusion; (iii) facilitating ongoing engagement and support of municipalities in subproject and other youth activities; and (iv) contributing to improved youth orientation in municipalities’ regular services with the objective of better reaching and serving young people. Community volunteers are selected by the FP-NGO(s) based on evaluation of their credentials. Below is an overview of the community volunteer roles and responsibilities.


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