Youth Monitors

Youth Monitors

Youth Monitors (YMs) will provide support to subproject monitoring and social accountability to ensure that the subprojects implemented represent youth priorities, are implemented effectively and transparently, and that they benefit the target population. They will be involved three main activities: (i) conduct regular field visits to subprojects to monitor their implementation progress against stated goals and budgeted activities; (ii) participate in social audits through community exchanges (in which youth from one community go to another community to audit the progress of subprojects); (iii) organize municipal forums to present subproject budget, expenditures and results against plans; and (iv) participate in the design and execution of project’s Implementation Completion and Results report. YMs will receive training by the FP-NGO(s)s and their activities will be supervised by the PMU’s M&E Specialist. YMs are expected to commit about 40 hours of volunteer time per year to these monitoring tasks.


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