" Lets do it " live simulation for education in Bangladesh

" Lets do it " live simulation for education in Bangladesh

it will help more than 12 million students if it is in Bangla


Superb Love it

chala Chal Idea. Bon Chale yater ugu

Bohut Khub

Accha idea hhhein lein korna chaiye bohut jald <3

Great Idea. NASA can help you. Bravo go ahead boy.

Marvelous with extraordinary idea. Yes PHET is love to help you.

<3 Blessings and love for the idea

nice project idea indeed

Best of Luck

LallLata Vira Moni Yakbisani ait. good Luck

Good Job

Live simulation for the unprivileged students and children's. wow . Nice example of work of idea.

Nice endorsement

50 will be less amount try more than 50 simulation. Btw nice project idea.


sehr sehr schöne Idee

We want this in Papua Niegini. How Can I contact with you. It will help more African students also .If you can manage the coding in our language we are happy to help.

Bohut Acha Idea hain . Khuda tumhara kheyal rakhe

Nice idea we will try it in Germany

Massive plan and ideas . Need proper funding I think.

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