Bottle Economy

Bottle Economy

Good proposal. We definitely need to look for local opportunities like these that can empower the local people and build a sustainable clean society


Good proposal. We definitely need to look for local opportunities like these that can empower the local people and build a sustainable clean society

Have you considered partnerships? For example with microfinance companies; people who make or convert bicycles to carry bottle waste; recycling companies which use the plastic waste. And do you have a manual of advice about what plastics are acceptable and can be used for recycling?

Thank you sir, @Chris Todhunter for your points. The USSD app would be free, of course. We are partnering with the Mobile companies for using their USSD service. For recycling, we are partnering with a few local companies who make products from recycled products, for example, chairs, tables, bottles etc. Here, we found recyclers for PET & HDPE type only. For other types, we'll collect them and try to ensure safe disposal as those types especially LDPE & PS are very hard & expensive to recycle

Some suggestions as to how you might make the text even more persuasive:
 - Align the content more closely to the form sub-headings; 
- Make the proposal description more explicit about what is innovative about this particular payment-for-recycling proposal; 
- Clarify what the geographic scope of the proposal is - the entirety of Bangladesh perhaps; 
- Indicate how particular communities, waste traders, recyclers or other stakeholder groups might be targeted to maximise take-up of the proposal.

An appealing proposal, because of its potential to generate wider societal and environmental benefits from the local interactions it sets up, and one well communicated with a video and graphic that captures hearts as well as minds.

Should work well. The principle has been proven even if there is only a small 'reward' for re-cycling - as people have sent their children to recycle. The children are, of course a) delighted with even the smallest of rewards and b) learn the principle of recycling through active participation

It would be good to include more information about - the other people in the “green Beans” team and the expertise, stakeholder interests and experiences they bring to the project - the development to date of the Bottle Economy platform - the business model underlying the initiative.

Good Idea.

Important to note that poor people in general produce less waste than people better-off so you should consider the fact that maybe this model wont be successful in the long run. Good luck☺️

Thanks @fn. The success rate of the model seems higher in coastal areas, land ports/river ports, sub-districts adjacent to district centres, urban areas; where tons of plastics are dumped in the water-bodies or used as landfills. About 22% wastes generated from rural areas and 78% from the urban areas. The project can be scaled in both the areas as our target group (impoverished people, local traders) exist throughout the country. We'll include the sustainability analysis in the proposal soon.

Thank you ma'am, @Nicolette Boater, @Karen; also thanks to you sir, @Mike Wistow for your points. We are improving our proposal according to your suggestions. We'll be uploading a complete proposal as an attachment very soon.

Great idea

A simple idea that is tried and tested. A small monetary reward will encourage recycling with an added benefit that this model will also benefit those with little money. A dramatic video adds impact to the proposal. You should emphasise exactly why your idea is innovative compared to other similar schemes in developing countries- explaining what makes your proposal different?

don't think this project goes with the theme of the challenge.

ps. The app needs to be free, of course.

People of developing countries do lack the knowledge of how recycling can help in saving the environment. If you can implement this and reach to the people correctly, it would surely reduce the pollution significantly. All the best :D


Great initiative

Updated and attached the proposal according to the feedback provided here. The link to the full proposal in given below for convenience.

Thanks ma'am, @Nicolette Boater. We are writing a complete proposal according to the points you mentioned earlier this week. Thanks again for highlighting the missing parts. We'll be uploading a complete proposal as an attachment very soon.

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