Spot On!

Spot On!

The menstruation is always a taboo for the society. The best thing is being a boy you are raising awareness around it that's why a huge appraisal for you. WASH is something which need of the time and the whole world need this.Great work Ankit keep it up!!!


I have known Ankit for quite some time and for the past 3 years he has been working with under privileged communities in India. I know for a fact that on comparison to all other projects his one is most articulate, structured and well defined. And above this he is focusing on one of THE most important issues of India. Its a crucial and an important project which I personally feel should be endorsed by everyone.

One of its kind project but actually is designed to reachout and solve a problem of communities present at the bottom of our society.

Thank-you so much everyone for your active feedbacks on "for & against" my ideas. In order to give my justification for choosing this idea particularly for this challenge, I would say I did a comprehensive primary and secondary research which aligns with the thoughts of UN for post COVID areas of interventions. 1. 2.

I think people are completely missing the point "3. Mobilising Communities and 4. Supporting SHGs and Entrepreneurs for Establishing Small Production Unit for Manufacturing Sanitary Napkins" of your proposal which directly fits the economic dimensions of this challenge as well. I feel such "points against" are merely out of something else than a rational feedback on this project. I would request them to throughly go through the proposal before commenting.

I represent my deep gratitude to your challenging conduct. Being a man, you've terminated all the stereotypes that have been going on till date and this itself a great change. This approach was very much needed to change the narrative around menstruation in India. Wish you the luck. Bring it on bhaiya! 🙏

As a women and a resident of the country here, I have been lon witnessing this problem in India. Things like awareness, resources and facilitate as mentioned needs to be specifically worked on and targeted. Wonderful project it is and in much needed time.

Elements like capacity building, sensitising community, generating livelihood opportunities out of this problem and bringing a social change in a community untouched with government policies is really commendable.

Interesting idea! I also see how this project tries to link different stakeholders and solve this issue; what's more interesting to see is how this is also trying create employment and livelihood opportunities for such tribal women which indeed helps in women empowerment in that society as well.

In country like India where these topics are discussed behind the walls as it is considered as a matter of shame and a taboo, feeling good and proud to see that this topic on periods is given due importance by your WASH. All the very best..... L Keep it up.

Hello Everyone....Samajik Samanta ko banaye rakhne k liye hame Mahilaon k Health, Education, aur Unke iss issue ko hame khul k respect karni chahiye taaki wo apne iss critical condition ko achhe tarah se bita sake.... Jaise jaise hm human society growth kar raha hai hme sabhi women's ko respect k sath sath unhe social equality bhi dena hai hame. Unke development k liye Unke Education ko badhawa dena chahiye, Unhe Employment dena chahiye, unke sath sb work may equality k sath chance dena chahiye.

Try to relate it with the context of the challenge.

@Anshika - Suggest to connect to Sanjhna Vivekanand on her project : Svāsthya ( She is focussing on holistic wellness in India and focussing on periods. She is based in Chennai, India... Wonderful project @Anshika and also to @Sanjhna. Happy to support in anyway I can to you both.

Are you telling those 1000+ young rural women or students from India to up-vote your project?😆 Well, I see all your own people commenting and voting, it shows their support for you, great You have put a lot of effort, I must agree. But my suggestion would be to increase your relevancy according to the theme. Of course, your project is already an implemented project. But here we're discussing ways to restore our economy. From my perspective, this project may not create great impacts on economies

Well, I agree that this topic deserves much attention. But think like this way that, how it can be relatable with the context. The situation you highlighted here was nearly the same that was before COVID. Did you find any peer reviewed or any data published in a trustworthy news site that states the percentage of women affected due to COVID could be less if your project was implemented? Please try to add trust-able references Thanks

It is a good area of intervention but not in regards to the theme of the call for proposals. It would be good to see the economic perspective which could then get the women manage menstrual poverty as it is referred to. In terms of relation to COVID19, there is also no point of reference in your idea

The menstruation is always a taboo for the society. The best thing is being a boy you are raising awareness around it that's why a huge appraisal for you. WASH is something which need of the time and the whole world need this.Great work Ankit keep it up!!!

Let's encourage such bold and important prpjects that deals with an issue that has multi-dimensional components of impact and effect on the society.

It is not clearly stated, although intuitive, the relationship/impact of the project in the post pandemic period. What is the economic and social burdens already in place due to the problem identified? What the project expects to accomplish in short, medium and long terms? Is it supporting local manufacturing of pads in rural communities? And along this creating and increasing awareness and so on? How cultural issues will be dealt with? It is no clear in the project proposal.

Great initiative but it doesn't goes with the scopes of interests of this challenge.

I agree that the project you proposed is indeed on a very important topic. Period concern is really a big issue especially in middle and low income countries. Unfortunately the project looks irrelevant to me in the context of the current Challenge. But I do want to see it implemented widely in India. Thanks.

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