Review Noise Prevention Control Regulations

Review Noise Prevention Control Regulations

Reduce noise and air pollution levels through review and implementation of the Noise Prevention and Control (Framework) Regulations, including through the proper functioning of the Noise Control Board.


The people of Birzebbuga are suffering because of noise from the Freeport that is unabated and unregulated . The Freeport has no regard for the citizens at all and even their own noise survey over a year pointed out how bad it was . It has not improved if anything has become much worse . Something needs to be done urgently.

Noise pollution is very detrimental to health especially mental health. Usually noise pollution is created by greedy egostic people who care not the least for anyone else,. Mostly the culprits i can clearly identify are car drivers with special amplified exhaust and open air entertainment venues blasting till the early hours of the morning. Thousands suffer this injustice, it needs to be addressed because it concerns thousands of people.

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