Rebuild Malta's reputation

Rebuild Malta's reputation

Restore without delay Malta’s reputation as a trusted, safe, secure and fair jurisdiction.


Definitely necessary after the negative light that's been cast over Malta's reputation in the financial sector over the past couple of weeks.

Because our reputation has been very badly damaged

Yes. Malta's reputation in the financial sector needs to be rebuilt on principles of honesty , integrity and transparency. Perhaps we need a watchdog which is not appointed by the government of the day nor responsible to it. When making proposals for amending the present Constitution one has to consider such a body whose main responsibility will be towards the Republic not to the government of the day.

Ever since our full EU membership in 2004 we managed to make a good name and firm presence as Malta in the EU. The past 4 years have given us a number of low blows as a country; amongst which Citizenship Sale Scheme & Panama Papers. We need to immediately overturn this situation and clear our name with our EU counterparts.

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