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Olive Oil for all

Better signs at historic places in Alba Road

Benches and tables by Carlton river

Clean the shore east of the harbour area in Harriot Street

Clearer signs for the tunnel under Castle Street

Pedestrian lights at Colburn Street, next to Skene Terrace

Puppies in the work place

Play park with veg garden

Outdoors exhibition area for local artist in Inverness stree

Installing a ladder down to the beach at Broad Street

A resting place w. benches by the geothermal pipeline

Basketball court at High Park

Outdoor exercise equipment at Gallowgate


Bicycle shelter at Lochend Elementary School

Create a neighborhood garden west of Regents Church

Plant vegetation in noise barriers in Union Terrace

Slow people should wear rollerskates when out in public?

Cat Cafe in the High Street

New pavement at Trinity Street playing area

Install a dog fence in Grafton Park

Tenants arranging their own repairs

Dog Cafe in Aberdeen

Give money to Gorgie City Farm

Cycle Hub at the Railway Station

Skate Park for DemoTown Park

Shelter for the homeless near city center

Two speed measurement signs at High street

Speed bump at Chapel Street, south of King Street

Plant small groves of trees in open area by Calton Road

Shared outdoor classroom in Kings Park

Outdoor gym on the beach in Ayr

invest in sports equipment

Mental Health / Wellbeing Community Workers


Covered Sports Area in Fort William

Community transport to promote better access to services

Cheese at every party in Edinburgh

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