Rewards @ Range

Rewards @ Range

How could we make our rewards and merit system even better? What would you like to see in the Reward store? Submit your ideas and join the debates. The top ideas each term will be considered by the Student Council and Senior Leadership team. ❤️Vote for 🚫Vote against or join the 💬Debate


toilet pass

3-4 choises of the end of year trip

sleepover trip to southport pontins

disney land paris

Discord nitro in range raffle

Apple Airpods for the final summer raffle prize

fat scran

the udder guys voucher

Football matches

different vouchers for the raffle

beats wireless headphones

day off

cleaner boys toilets

going home for lunch

go the chippy at lunch

watch videos in lesson

chromebooks for range raffle

Hydro Flask

hat day you can wear a hat on this day

Additional funding for scrabble club

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