Justice and Home Affairs

Justice and Home Affairs

The complete institutional failure of many executive arms of our administration such as the Police Force has rendered questionable whether the rule of law still reigns supreme in Malta. Justice services, the Army and especially the Police need an overhaul.


Meritocracy in the civil protection department

COLA for retired Correction Officers

Prioritise efforts against drugs

More Police presence in sensitive areas

Meritocracy in the Police Corps

Cleaning up of the Individual Investor Programme

Professional development in the police force

Extra benefits for AFM officers

Support NGOs in the rehabilitation sector

Integration of extended volunteer reserve force

Citizenship for applicants closely tied with Malta

Meritocracy for Correction Officers

COLA adjustments for Civil Protection pensioners

Police Commissioner to be chosen by 2/3 vote

Better working conditions for Civil Protection Officers

Justice for AFM officers and retirees

COLA for retired police officers

Address needs of LGBTIQ in correctional facilities

Family friendly measures for police officers

Recognition for overseas military service

Improve the Police's technology tool kit

Family friendly measures for servicemen and women

Recruitment of more part time Police Officers

Improved work conditions for Police Officers

Improve educational programs for rehabilitation

Effort against substance abuse in correctional facilities

Extra Police work paid within 2 months at reduced tax rate

Special allowances extended to all Police officers

Better equipment for Civil Protection department

Modernised Police Stations

Improved working conditions for Correction Officers

Fulfil commitments on overtime arrears

More probation officers

Improve parole system

Better living conditions at the correctional facilities

COLA for retired AFM officers

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